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Decofruit is an international company, founded and based in Caracas - Venezuela on September 2005. We are dedicated to create beautiful and delightful fruit bouquets, mixing the beauty of a flower bouquets with the delicious taste of natural sculpted fruits.
In order to make these beautiful creations, we use top fresh quality fruits such as: strawberries, pineapples, grapes, apples, cantaloupe, oranges, among many others.
All our ingredients are 100% natural; we do not use any kind of colorant or chemical additives. We also follow all sanitary regulations to guarantee our customers the highest quality and freshness standards.
Our products are available in a variety of styles and designs, perfect for any occasion: birthday, thanks, anniversaries, congratulations, baby births, graduations, weddings, loving details, events, parties and / or corporate meetings, among others. We also have different and attractive containers suitable for every occasion.
Miami, known as the land of sun, beaches and glamor welcomes the number one fruit bouquet´s franchise in Latin America, Decofruit, a company with over eight years of experience, that is popular thanks to its innovative products.


Mission Statement:

Delight the senses with special, natural and innovative products and gifts.


Vision Statement:

Consolidate the company´s leadership within the American continent by offering a unique experience to our customers.



Decologic: commitment with the environment.

Honesty: courage to say and honor.

Creativity and innovation.

Optimism: spirit´s disposition to await the best.

Discipline: behavior with comprehension and highest ideals.

Perseverance: stay steady even when circumstances are adverse.

Responsibility: guide and assess any consequences from a moral perspective.

Innovation: new approach and new knowledge.

Solidarity: feeling that hold us together at all times.

Entrepreneurship: always changing and taking chances.



Planning philosophy = execution: We make a detail planning of our business along with synergy between our suppliers and staff, being consistent with the execution of the goals set. Then we evaluate and optimize the following plans and actions to be taken.

Invention philosophy: Innovative and creative companies collaborate on developing intelligence and society itself, promoting such innovations into a friendly and productive workplace, thus turning into customer satisfaction.

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